Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Nordic Smart Buildings AS is a centre of competence within smart technology for public and private buildings, within energy solutions and best practices for green building management.

We have a team of 650 specialists within energy solutions, ITC, automation, electro, planning and advisory services for buildings and smart cities.

Nordic Smart Buildings AS are operational from the planning of a building to the implementation and during operations and maintenance.

We are technology and vendor independant, and will assist our customers to make the right decicions for their green buildings – for the future.


Nordic Smart Buildings AS offer a complete range of solutions within the smart office building, including connected buildings and data exchange with the Smart City.

Building operations

Nordic Smart Buildings AS offers complete solutions for green building pro active management and maintenance.

Technical network

Nordic Smart Buildings AS has a state-of-the-art solution for a managed technical network for any building within the public or private business sector. Connected buildings for the SmartCity.

Advisory Services

Nordic Smart Buildings AS offers advisory services for architects and city planners, for construction companies and entrepreneurs.